This is a sample DA 4856 (Developmental Counseling Variety) for a Soldier transferring to the Specific Prepared Reserve (IRR) with at minimum three years of lively duty, or at the very least two several years of active duty + three decades of Troop Plan Device (TPU) time. These troopers transfer to the IRR command team for reinforcement.

Soldiers in this command group are not needed to do annual education. Considering the fact that procedures improve, some of the things stated beneath could modify as this post gets older.

Note: if you do not have the bare minimum 3 yrs of active obligation, or two a long time of energetic duty +3 decades of TPU, you’d be requesting transfer to the IRR, Command Group-Instruction. You would have an AT need just about every 12 months in the IRR.

The Soldier in this circumstance has concluded his or her six-calendar year contractual obligation in the TPU. He or she needs to full the balance of his or her 8-12 months first navy obligation in the IRR.

Applicable sections of the Army Developmental Counseling Type for a Soldier transferring to the IRR, Manage Team Reinforcement:

DA 4856: Objective of Counseling:

Celebration Oriented Counseling: You are being counseled on your choice to post an Individual All set Reserve (IRR) transfer request.

You declared your intention to entire the remainder of your contractual obligation in the IRR.

Your Contractual Obligation finishes [DFAS date format]. Your Statutory Obligation ends [Actual ETS date, DFAS date format]. Inspite of your transfer from the TPU into the IRR, you will nonetheless be a member of the All set Reserve. You are not “out” or “discharged” from the armed service. While your transfer into the IRR will allow you to keep numerous all set reserve gains, some essential positive aspects of getting in the TPU will conclusion. As the [title of counselor], it is really my accountability to ensure that you have an understanding of the solutions that are offered to you.

DA 4856: Essential Details of Dialogue:

– As a member of the TPU, you are qualified for the pursuing rewards: Frequent Obtain Card (CAC), military pay back for IDT and AT/ADT SGLI Tuition Guidance TSP Montgomery GI Invoice (Ch 1606) the appropriate TRICARE protection, reserve military services pension if you total 20 qualifying many years, and so forth. If you chose to carry on into the IRR, some of these gains will discontinue. On the other hand you may be qualified for the remainder of your military services benefits though in the IRR. You continue to need to have to gain 50 factors for retirement each calendar year in the IRR for that yr to qualify for retirement eligibility. You have to also surrender your CAC on IRR transfer.

– As a member of the IRR, you are eligible for the subsequent advantages: DD Kind 2, reserve ID card (Inexperienced). Armed service shell out for AT/ADT/mobilization reserve armed forces pension if you total 20 qualifying decades PX/Commissary privileges the acceptable TRICARE dental protection, a green navy ID (IRR) card, and other advantages. Nevertheless in get to sustain these gains, you have to go on to take part satisfactorily in the IRR by responding to HRC’s correspondence, attending once-a-year musters (compensated), and by undertaking any other place gaining activity you might be authorized to do.

– HRC will mail muster orders to you each individual 12 months. Your yearly musters will take spot 1 working day a yr, and will vary from 2 to 8 hours. If you are obtaining VA disability compensation, you will obtain both muster and disability spend. Guarantee that HRC has your most recent/exact contact facts. Considering the fact that you have at the very least [3 years active duty ___ (or) 2 years active duty +3 years TPU__], you will be transferred into the IRR Management Team, Reinforcement. You will not have an AT need during IRR on the other hand, you might request this kind of coaching.

– You can receive your details from days on mobilization/active responsibility, AT/ADT, funeral obligation, IDT/Drill (details only), and participation points (PP). The highest inactive factors (IDT + PP) that you could get in a retirement year is 130 details. You get a person active level for every single working day on energetic duty. The most energetic factors you could get in the yr is the amount of days that yr has. You can also drill for factors only, not pay back, although in the IRR.

– As a member of the IRR, you can expect to be entitled to a navy ID card (IRR/green). You will continue to have entry to a military installation’s DEFAC, PX, Commissary, MWR services, physical fitness services, etc. Your SGLI will expire per recommendations on your IRR orders. If you’re a veteran (prior lively service/deployment), you may possibly be eligible for VGLI. If TRICARE was your only health-related insurance coverage, you may require to make preparations with a business health insurance company.

– HRC will retain your records. They’ll operate with you to routine your AT or to get you on to mobilization orders. Here’s the Army’s web page, MOBCOP, you could use to volunteer for mobilization though in the IRR: [Volunteer for mobilization website address.]

– If you tumble limited of 50 factors in a retirement year, those a long time will not count in direction of the 20-year bare minimum to be eligible to retire with pay. Inside 3 months of your ETS, or sooner, notify HRC of your intention to ETS in get to receive ETS orders.

– The device can’t make any assures in direction of acceptance or disapproval of your IRR request.

– You truly feel that you’re not able to continue on with the TPU due to [Reason explained below].

DA 4856: Prepare of Motion:

– Take into consideration the previously mentioned benefits of remaining in the TPU, and think about the risk of enlisting into a new TPU deal.
– The unit will initiate and approach an IRR transfer ask for. Preserve interaction with the device and aid with the IRR packet approach. Supply more documentation if requested. Be accessible to indication revised documents.
– Until finally you obtain your IRR orders, maintain the unit current if you encounter a transform in tackle, mobile phone variety, e mail, and many others.
– You’re liable for drilling with the device until the transfer day on your IRR orders.
– If you will have to RST ahead of your transfer day, post an RST request form and supporting documentation by means of your chain of command.
– Out-course of action with the Offer SGT, Motor SGT, Operations NCO, UA, UAT, 1SG, CDR, DARN, and other applicable unit sections.
– Down load a copy of the IRR handbook from the Net, or receive it from a Soldier that has by now downloaded it.
– Familiarize yourself with the previously mentioned mobilization possibility websites.
– On transfer to the IRR, surrender your CAC card at the nearest navy ID card business office, and obtain your DD Form 2, Reserve ID card (Environmentally friendly).
– Realize that whilst in the IRR, you happen to be not “out” of the navy. You happen to be nonetheless in the all set reserve, issue to yearly muster and subject matter to mobilization.
– Continue to engage in bodily fitness to enable retain your deployable status.
– Attempt to obtain a minimum of 50 retirement factors for every retirement calendar year in the IRR.
– Response HRC correspondences to you demanding a reaction. Keep HRC facts correspondences in a particular folder for potential reference.
– Absolutely browse and recognize your HRC muster orders, and report for muster as instructed in these orders. Deliver requested documentation.
– Surrender your Reserve ID card in the event of your reenlistment with the TPU or Active Obligation acquire a CAC in its spot.
– You can drill with this or one more device if you need factors, but not for spend, while in the IRR status. The Career Counselor has information on how you can complete this.
– At the conclude of your MSO, with no reenlistment, surrender your DD Variety 2, Reserve ID card (Green).
– Fully grasp that the day after your MSO finishes, you might automatically conclusion up in the Militia of the United States and of the state/territory you reside in. Federal regulation identifies able bodied males from 17 to 45, point out law identifies identical or distinctive age ranges. Some states involve women in that classification. This indicates that after your MSO ETS, if you happen to be in this group, you are topic to militia muster by orders of the president or your governor.
– Effective your transfer into the IRR, the IRR device patch turns into your device patch. You can also use the IRR regimental badge in position of [current unit badge] on your ASUs.
– Although in the IRR, manage interaction with HRC and update them with your most recent address, cellular phone, e mail, job, clinical status, and so forth., improvements.

DA 4856: Session Closing:

– I comprehend the selections and existing SRIP incentives accessible to me for continuing with the TPU. I will drop TPU particular added benefits when protecting IRR particular added benefits as soon as I am officially in the IRR. When in the IRR, I am suitable to earn at least 50 retirement details for that 12 months to depend toward retirement. I could get individuals points via mobilization, HRC issued AT orders, and so on. I may well be issue to an APFT at the starting of an HRC issued AT order. I will keep HRC posted on address, cellular phone quantity, and e-mail changes while I’m in the IRR. I will surrender my CAC and receive a DD Type 2 (Reserve) inexperienced ID card on transfer into the IRR. At the conclusion of my MSO, I Will surrender this environmentally friendly ID card at the nearest ID card office. I will carry on to drill and keep communication with the device till the day on my IRR transfer orders. Immediately after my transfer into the IRR, I’ll maintain interaction with HRC. I will familiarize myself with the key details of discussion, and carry out the courses of motion.
– Regardless of what has been talked about over, I desire to request transfer to the IRR. I recognize that you will find no assurance regarding this packet’s acceptance or disapproval.


AR 140-10 Army Reserve Assignments, Attachments, Aspects, and Transfers
AR 140-185 Schooling and Retirement Point Credits and Unit Level Power Accounting Data